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IVORY CAPS Glutathione skin whitening pills 1500mg

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Ivory Caps® is an Enhanced Skin Whitening Supplement Utilizing a High Potency Proprietary “Skin Essentials™” Glutathione Complex for Results.

Ivory Caps Skin Whitening Capsules which assists in skin lightening and providing youthful glow to your skin whitening. With this Skin Whitening product it is guaranteed to get safe and effective permanent skin whitening, even toning, anti-aging and cell-renewing effect. Now don’t be shy and be prepared to be overwhelmed with complements and attention you get with white, flawless, glowing and strikingly fairer skin tone!!

The main ingredient of Ivory Caps Skin Whitening Capsule is Glutathione which is a strong natural anti-oxidant made up of three amino acids namely glycine, glutamic acid and cysteine which works to reduce melanin, responsible for dark pigmentation. It removes toxic, unstable and free radicals from the body revealing a rejuvenated and glowing skin. Glutathione is also important for improving immune system, increases metabolism, health and reduce the danger of cancer and other diseases. Ivory Caps Skin Whitening Capsule has anti-ageing properties which provide strength and firmness.


  • Formulated for Skin Lightening on darker skin tones
  • Provides glowing, rejuvenated and radiant skin
  • Anti-Ageing effects
  • Promotes youthful lovable complexion
  • Removes pimples, acne, blemishes, dark spots and freckles
  • Provides even toned skin by removing hyper pigmentation
  • Improves immune system
  • Can be used for any skin type
  • 100% natural and safe
  • As it works under the skin, it is faster and effective than other skin whitening methods
  • Protects the body from free radicals by detoxifying the body
  • Promotes newer and healthy cells

Daily Dose:
Everyday dose for this capsule is two capsules a day. Vitamin C can be taken with it for better results. Two capsules after breakfast and while going to bed. After desired results are achieved maintenance dose should be continued.


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